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Dr. Perki & the Golden Peak

by Lazaris Pit

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Bottleman 03:53
So Im out, On the highways Hot on the trail Of some fools gold And I dont mean, For this to sound aloof But Lightning in a Bottle Is the greatest proof That Ive seen Ooooh, Cause were catching Lightning now You know we do it for YOU And it can be a frightening And you know not just what youll do Just call me the Bottleman And pass me the Bottle Man Cause were catching Lightning now You know we do it for YOU And it can be a bit frightening Cause you know not just what youll do Call me the Bottleman and Pass me the Bottle Man
In Times Before these I was content to believe That the point of this life was for others esteem But the lines are all fading The TRUTH now i see Or have Delusions of Granduer Got the best of me? Think for a moment, If the ways how I see Imagine the endgame All possibilities The trains left the station Theres no need to grieve They may be Delusions BUT I SWEAR I BELIEVE
Dialated 02:18
Pauly Shore 03:56
Who the Hell is Pauly Shore? And relics of, antique decor? Like VHS and porno tapes But man them grainy bewbs, still look great (Look great, bopbopbop) Cause if it was good once, It probably still is But maybe thats my nostaglic touch On things I heard a bunch Leaves me with a hunch That I should finnnnd out Who the Hell is Pauly Show And meanings of, Antique decor Like Camel Smoking Flintstones Ads Cause ifs its animated It cant be that bad (That bad bopbopbop) I heard that were all actors In the same damn play Thats been packing houses on Broadway Since they built the place Leaves me with Grace Maybe there really are These Heroes of 1000 faces To Liberate us, from the Statis Uniting all the evil places Cutting through the lies Uniting all the Love Lights Who the Hell is Pauly Shore? Who the Hell is Pauly Shore?
Aint Got Nothin Nice To say? Well you can sit by me Cause if I agree, From what I see I can sting with all the meanest of the Queen Bees And if not You can sit right down Spin yourself up and the Merry Go Round Till Blacks and Whites all fade to Gray And we can close our eyes and just Go away The spot for sure I cant say where But i know its nice Cause I have seen us there Just give it time we'll find the means to stay So we can grow a Love That wont Fade Away So my my, My pudding pie You know I cant deny you with that look in your eyes So whoooah oh, are we gonna go Downtown Baby To the spot that we know Despite it all, how things may seem When I look into your eyes, I want to believe That its all closer than ever before And if i squint real hard, I even see the Shore So sit a while and Dream with me About the Home well build and the lives well lead The hearts well touch with that Song we Play And how we'll thank the Big Cheese, at least once a day For bringing in our Broken Pieces to Combine To make One right thing that works Most of the Time :)
Could Use a Heads Up Penny Right about now Right about noooooow Its hard luck rolling through the City So shine a light down Shine a light doooooown Turn it up bright so I can make it home Cancel your tomorrow so I wont be Alone At least leave me a key baby under the gnome I need a smoke a shower Walking now Left an hour ago Left an hour ago Cause i spent all my money on the Good Times Done struck out with all my Cheap Line Theres a bad moon rising on the West side On the West Siiiide JAM Spent all my money on the Good Times Done Struck out with all my Cheap Lines But you know im gonna get you baby next time Get you nexxxxxxt timmmme Could use a Heads up Penny Could use a Heads up Penny


released October 31, 2018


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Lazaris Pit Raleigh, North Carolina

hardcore psychedelic post-punk rock n' roll.

we blow minds for a living.

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